Open Data

Transparency and Accountability

The Illinois State Treasurer’s Office is delighted to provide the people of Illinois with access to robust data and information on the investment, banking, and financial activities of the office.  Not only does this transparency portal help illustrate what the Treasurer’s Office does and what value it provides the people of Illinois, but it helps foster a more informed, engaged public citizenry that actively participates in civic and public policy matters.   

Strategic Priorities

The Treasurer’s Office is laser-focused on the following strategic priorities, and we actively measure our performance executing these priorities. Below you'll find our strategic priorities and the associated program areas that contribute to their fullfillment. Click on the underlined reports below for more information! 


Provide responsible, high-quality financial and investment management services for public institutions in Illinois


 Increase diversity, inclusion, and economic opportunities for underserved communities


Optimize revenue collection for the State of Illinois

  • Statewide Banking Activity – Metrics related to the Treasurer’s administration of the State’s multiple banking functions that serve over 100 State agencies, boards, and commissions


Bring enhanced transparency and accountability to State financial activities