About The Treasurer

The Illinois State Treasurer’s Office is dedicated to protecting the state’s portfolio, ensuring the liquidity of all investments, and consistently producing earnings at or above industry standards. Our investment decisions promote education, access, and opportunity for individuals and governmental bodies across our state to give families the tools to achieve the American Dream. The Treasurer’s Office is committed to fulfilling this mission in a highly professional and ethical manner, while striving for transparency, efficiency, and preservation of public trust.

In Illinois, the Treasurer is the state’s Chief Investment Officer and Frerichs is a Certified Public Finance Officer. The office invests money on behalf of the state and local units of government. Treasurer Frerichs also believes in providing individuals with the tools so that they can invest in themselves.

Michael Frerichs (FRAYR'-iks) was elected Illinois State Treasurer in November 2014. In Illinois, the Treasurer’s office predates the state’s incorporation in 1818. Voters in 1848 chose to make it an elected office. Frerichs is the 74th person to serve in this role.

About The Vault

The Vault is the Treasurer’s interactive open data portal. It provides ready access to a wealth of data on State financial and investment activities.

The Vault helps the Treasurer’s Office execute several important objectives:

  1. Transparency - Provide the people of Illinois with greater access to robust information on the Treasurer’s Office in a more user-friendly, engaging, and transparent manner;
  2. Civic Engagement – Foster a more informed, engaged public citizenry that actively participates in civic and public policy matters; and
  3. Efficiency – Generate efficiencies for the Treasurer’s Office by optimizing data preparation, storage, analysis, and reporting processes.

Using Data From The Vault

The Illinois State Treasurer’s Office makes available a wide array of data through this site. In addition to the policies contained in the Privacy Policy, by accessing any material on this site, users agree to the Terms of Use. Please read and understand these terms before using any data. Should you have any questions, please contact us.